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"Do You Want More!?"

Those words are the calling card of the Black Scar Serial Killer. A phantom who eliminates only who deems to be the most corrupted miscreants in society. It doesn't matter whether they're a pauper or a prince, once the Black Scar delivers his card, the target is always eliminated. Enter Lloyd Arch, a private investigator known for having a terrible attitude and being a total dick, but he's still regarded as a brilliant detective despite that, so he gets work either way. One day, he's approached by a bizarre girl named Rinette Magda, the daughter of the Black Scar's latest victim. Lloyd's skeptical of both the girl and the serial killings, but after a hefty wage, he agrees and the two set out to discover the truth about the Black Scar Serial Killer.

Unravel the mystery of the Black Scar Serial Killer in this visual novel adventure, but remember that the truth tends to hurt the most.

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